I remember writing a blog before I moved to Burkina about the things I would miss the most after leaving the U.S. You know, things like my family, friends, good food and Chick fil a. It wasn’t long after moving to Burkina that I realized it was things like electricity, running water and cooler weather that I would miss the most (besides family and friend of course). It is in the middle of hot season (March-May) that I miss these things the most.

May is a miserable month here in Burkina. Temperatures get up to 110-115 or hotter most days with it being over 100 degrees in my house pretty much every day. There are also frequent power cuts (I had one for 14 hours the other day) and water cuts. Typically I just want to get through hot season as fast as I can because it is so miserable. It was during a recent power cut when I was drenched in sweat and wanting to complain about how miserable I was that I was reminded of how much I have to be thankful for. I live in a country where most of the people never have electricity or running water.   Not only do I have both most of the time, but I have a backup water tower so that I basically never run out of water (this wasn’t the case my first year here) and I have a generator I can run when the power cuts get to be too long (or I just need power). I also have an air conditioner I can run at night to sleep or when I need a break from the heat. I am blessed with a nice house and never run out of good food.

Too often I am quick to complain about the things that make life uncomfortable and I am way to slow in giving God thanks for all He has blessed me with. This is something God has convicted me of before and has once again brought to my attention. In the middle of a miserable situation I need to learn to look for those things God has blessed me with and choose to be thankful regardless of the situations I find myself in.