KamandenaAlmost a year ago, after a well drilling trip, I wrote a blog about thanking God when there is no water and how He taught me that He could use dry holes to bring Him glory.   The same can be true in our own lives. It is often in the difficult times that God shows up in amazing ways and teaches us more about ourselves and our relationship with Him. Recently, during some really hard times, I went through the process of learning to trust God in a whole new way. There were days I didn’t know what to think or what I should do, but I knew that God was in control and that I needed to trust Him. I read a quote that said, “Where is the heart that is fully Mine – the one that will trust Me and not waver no matter the threat?”. This became something I prayed about and claimed for myself on a daily and more often an hourly basis. It wasn’t a fun season in my life, but I grew closer to God and learned how to trust Him like I never had before.

So, I was in the middle of this trying time, learning to trust God and grow from the “dry” times in my life while trying to look at the difficult circumstances in my life as an opportunity to become more like Christ. During this time, I returned to Burkina and headed out for a two-week well trip. Over the course of these two weeks, we drilled ten good wells in nine different villages (picture above is from one of the wells). This was a record…it had never been done before!! I say that not to brag, because I can promise you I had nothing to do with it. I only tell you this to show how amazing and how big our God is. God taught me something during these two weeks. He taught me that yes, we need to give thanks for dry holes or difficult seasons in our lives and we need to look at those times as opportunities to grow & learn to depend on Him. But, he also taught me that sometimes He likes to show up in big ways to show us that He is good, that He is awesome and that He still does amazing things. He taught me that He doesn’t just bring dry holes into our lives, but that He brings great blessings into our lives. He taught me that though there are difficult seasons, He will still show up in huge ways to remind me that He is God and He is good.